5 Thoughts to “Teaching the New 7th Graders How To Ride a Bicycle

  1. @waltermh111 Same as in the U.S., kids in Japan learn to ride at a young
    age. What they’re doing here is more of a group building exercise and to
    teach the seniors to mentor their juniors. Plus to teach them the “rules of
    the road” so to speak.

  2. The helmets look fine, just not stylish like ours, but I am not one for
    looks, just practicality. As for the rest, are you really teaching them?
    Shouldnt they know how to ride way before the 7th grade? Not that I know
    how many americans can ride a bike. I just was riding as far back as I can
    remember. Its in popular culture to learn early to ride a bike and I
    thought japanese lived by the bike. Anyway, not hating, just surprised.

  3. @nihonjenn Thankfully it’s warming up slowly. Still see piles of snow here
    and there though. Yep, it wouldn’t be Japan unless there was some kind of
    orderliness to it all.

  4. Nice video. Love the scenery you have there. You weren’t kidding when you
    said you lived in the boondocks. LOL. Hope you do more vids about the area
    you live in with some narration.

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