25 Thoughts to “Cycling tips for weight loss: Drinking to go the distance and stay slim.

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  3. By the way, you might be able to download the app to your media player but
    if the website lets you do the same thing it’s mostly just a convenience
    thing to have the app there right when you eat. The biggest benefit to the
    phone is not the MyFitnessPal app, but all the other apps that link to it.
    For example, a lot of cycling/running/workout apps will automatically enter
    your exercises/distances/calories into MyFitnessPal for you so you don’t
    have to do it manually.

  4. For example, I told the app my weight, that I have a relatively inactive
    lifestyle and that my goal was to maintain weight. It set a daily target of
    1470 calories. If I eat 2000 and burn 530, I succeed at hitting my goal. If
    I eat 1470 and do no exercise, I also succeed at my goal. I don’t need to
    try to get under the goal because the goal itself takes into account what
    you want to do (like loose weight). So if I eat 1700 calories and burn 400,
    I can eat another 170 and still loose weight.

  5. Well, I have heard good things about “MyFitnessPal.” There is a website,
    although I don’t know if the website has the full functionality of the
    Android/iOS app. The app will determine a daily calorie target depending on
    your goal/weight/and lifestyle. You would then start each day at 0 and try
    to end the day at that target. When you eat something, you enter it into
    the app and it adds the correct # of calories. When you exercise you can
    manual enter that activity and that count goes down.

  6. Can you recommend any web sites that do the same thing as these apps as I
    do not have a mobile phone and the only android device I have is a media
    player whoich maybe could download such a program ? Though I do have a
    bryton rider 50 with GPS and a calorie burn function .

  7. That’s true, but I find most people cycle a lot longer than they swim
    before getting bored. That is with the exception of those doing water
    sports like surfing/longboarding/etc.. A lot of people could ride a bike 3
    hours straight. Most swimmers don’t swim for more than 30 minutes. If
    someone has limited time, swimming is definitely a great option. And water
    sports are great if they can swim (but I’m not sure how easy it would be
    for someone who is extremely overweight?).

  8. I ride around 30km and usually burn nearly 600 calories on flat ground.
    I’m not overweight though (59kg). Someone who is 90kg would burn 1000
    calories doing the same thing. If you know how many calories someone your
    weight burns while sedentary and you know how many calories you eat, you
    know how many you need to burn exercising to stay the same weight. There
    are apps that keep track of what you eat and tell you how many calories to
    burn, they tie in with gps apps that track your workout.

  9. How many kms a week would you need to do for there to be effective weight
    loss and would it be flat riding or climbing ?

  10. what advice have you got for someone, who wants to lose weight, who doesn’t
    have access to fruit? PLZ HELP love the vids thanks

  11. Hi, I did my longest ride of 43 miles was last week. I kinda over did
    things a bit. We had been doing around 20 per ride. What do you do for
    soreness? Most of my soreness was in my lower hammies. I’m a cycling rookie
    I’ve only been out around 10 times. My bike is fitted. I’m 40, and 210
    pounds. My goal is to lose 30 pounds. Thanks pal.

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  13. True words. I just prefer transparent bottles to see how much water I have
    left in it. Nice aussie accent btw ))

  14. “Explore the dark side of the bottled water industry” search it. Water
    comes for aquifers it’s then purified to the point there is no minerals
    left in it so they then have to add them back in along with certain drugs
    for anti aggression also fluoride (for teeth), then the chemicals from the
    toxic plastic. While we can’t stop the use of plastic bottles it’s better
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  16. Don’t drink bottled water as it’s unregulated in the UK where as tap water
    is. They add anti aggression drugs to the bottled water and it’s alot more
    filtered than tap water and have to add minerals back into it.

  17. I have lost 100 lbs in the last two years. And I have kept it off by
    continued riding everyday to 24 miles to work. On weekends my consist 80
    plus miles each day at least 160 miles for my weekends.

  18. I have lost 100 lbs in the last two years. And I have kept it off by
    continued riding everyday to 24 miles

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