1 Million More Female Cyclists On Track

Great news for English female cyclists- Brit Cycling is reportedly on a mission to bring in 1 million more female cyclists on track by the year 2020.

The British Cycling is working to hard to develop female cycling in the country that was witnessed by its launch of Women’s Cycling Strategy in march 2013, post London Olympics. As per the newly launched Strategy, nearly 106,000 female cyclists have signed up for the programs this time.

“Women here have a true appetite to take part in racing or getting into personal challenge riding”, stated Ian Drake, the CEO of British Cycling body. “Post the launching of our strategy we have witnesses huge progress within 6 months only & it’s our goal to bring in 1 million more women in cycling by the coming 7 years. So far, 24,000 women expressed interest in participating for the Brit Cycling sportives in 2013 & our women member base shows a 19 percent enhancement post the Strategy launch.”

The English Secretary for media, culture & sport, Maria Miller, cited the examples of star female Brit cyclists like Laura Trott & Becky James while stressing on the high momentum of female cycling in England. “With star role models like Becky James and Laura Trott, an increment in women’s races, the announcement of Women’s Tour & increasing number of female coaches- it seems that cycling here is in grand momentum here”, our sources quoted Miller. The Women’s Britain Tour, which would be launched in 2014, achieved the same dignified status as men’s race this year in October

According to reports from British Cycling scene, around 37,000 female riders have participated in 2013 traffic-free cycling. Shanaze Reeded, the 30time Brit BMX Champion of the world remarked-“the sport of cycling has always been usual with men for long. Now, we have started to end the gender gap.”

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