10 Thoughts to “Reading to Bristol on bikes – National Cycle Network (Sustrans) Route 4

  1. For info: I just rode the same route again, but on a steel framed tourer with 26 x 2.0 tyres, and a Brooks B17 saddle – it was lighter and MUCH more comfortable than the trekking hybrid with front suspension that I used first time around… So my take is to FIT THE FATTEST TYRES THAT YOU CAN!

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. You’ll be fine on average hybrid tyres, won’t be as much fun on very thin ones.

  3. I used a hybrid and it was fine, but it would have been nice to have suspension. There’s nothing too challenging.

  4. well done does look like you carried a lot of baggage for the ride on the bikes I mean.
    I have been wondering of doing same route looks doable will definitely try early 2013 .
    My only concern is the rough bits I am told off as I have 23c slick tyres. BTW recommend you invest in a Brooks B17 seat for rides like these the arse is not punished as much.

  5. Sorry I can’t remember where we stayed, but there are loads of hotels and B&Bs en route, you can camp, but it’s nice to shower and have a soft bed! The video is edited in iMove on a Mac. Sorry it took half a year to reply. Cheers Nick

  6. A good question. I went on a road bike and I was fine, but I did feel in some parts it would have been good to have a bit of suspension. So if you have quite a robust road bike with suspension you will be fine, a general road bike will be good, a road bike with really narrow wheels will be no fun at all and a mountain bike will cover everything fine. I hope this helps.

  7. Hi guys, my friend and I are planning this trip and wanted to know your thoughts on whether the paths are suitable for a road bike or not? Thanks

  8. Very entertaining, I will try to ride it in a day.
    Where did you camp along the way?
    What application did you edit the video with? I like the post card effect.

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