6 Thoughts to “Direct Cycle Routes in the Netherlands

  1. It’s just like any other city centre, the difference being that there are mostly bikes rather than cars. So there will be shops, supermarkets, pubs, bars, bakeries, cinemas etc. The whole of the Netherlands is bicycle friendly, this video just focuses on this aspect of the cycling infrastructure/culture.

  2. What are the main businesses in these bicycle-friendly areas? The bicyclists do what here?

  3. That’s precisely how it should be, and presented to people. Fast, convenient and easy from A to B. Forget about branding it as environmentally friendly or even healthy, because that’s obviously not working very well in the US. These are added bonuses (and are definitely true) but are not most people’s top 5 priorities in life. When will people here in the US understand this?

  4. If the cycle paths in my area were anything like this I would cycle a hell of a lot more. I went out for a ride today and was passed VERY close by 3 Audis. Whay are most Audi drivers cunts?

  5. Your videos always make me smile, the ones where bicycles have advantages over cars, the transformation streets have undergone, how to make left turns, all of it! I enjoy the narration very much too. Thank you again!

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