25 Thoughts to “Bicycle Tips & Maintenance : How to Ride a Bicycle

  1. Wait, they won’t get you a bike because you don’t know how to ride a bike? How do they expect you to learn? Through books?

  2. I’m 13, and I feel really embarrassed when I tell people that I can’t ride a bike. I want to buy one, but my parents wont get one because I don’t know how. (How will I learn without one?) I think the main reason why I can’t is because I have OCD and I always feel like I will fall off because of little balance. Any ways to over come my fear?

  3. I found that alot of the actually balance is handled by having more speed on the bike, rather than actually trying to balance your butt on the bike. This took me a half hour to realize and soon enough I learned to ride in a day 🙂

  4. I used to ride a bicycle like you, but then I took a loan out on a 08 CBR1000RR. Now I drag a knee!

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  6. when i was showing my son how to ride a bike he was scared to get on so i was like its not scary here i will show you and i got on and i totally biffed it so he was even more scared!!haha

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