18 Thoughts to “Inter-city cycling Geldermalsen – Culemborg (Netherlands)

  1. The lane you enter at 9:55 is not technically a cycle lane. It’s a (fiets-)suggestiestrook that has no legal status. See the fietsstrook article on the Dutch Wikipedia.

    As for maximum speed, there can still be one if explicitly put on a sign. Say, at 10:52 you should stay under 50 km/h, although I don’t believe it has any power past the junction (it’s just put there to remind motorists of their maximum speed in the built-up area). In practice you won’t be limited much outside 30 km/h zones.

  2. yes it was built after 2004. But it was there in spring 2009. So somewhere in between those years.

  3. there is no maximum speed for cyclists under Dutch law. You should however always consider the situation. So if it is busy you are not allowed to speed when you hinder other people.

  4. When was this path built? It does not seem to be in the 2004 Google Earth satellite image, but it is in Streetview.

  5. In one of your video’s you said imigrants cycle less then people who already live their. If I imigrated there I would be the exception to that. It looks like cycling Nirvana..

    You guys have it so much better their then in cycling Hell Australia.

  6. I hope you’ll show us the new “fast cycle routes.” I’ll like to see how they are different from the old ones.

  7. this would be good for dublin in ireland ,maybe someday – also for ireland as a whole since we are a small country

  8. Very informative, thank you for making these videos.
    I wish the rest of the world would follow the Netherland’s example, and create this type of cycling infrastructure.

  9. Great film, Mark and excellent commentary.

    A few comments from an Australian perspective:
    – the bidirectional cycleway is almost twice the width of our new ones!
    – the cycleway is devoid of access covers & surface changes
    – that agegroup of people you passed would not cycle for transport in Australia.
    – our cycleways often have a solid line in the middle – ‘no overtaking’ technically…
    – we have speed bumps on our cycle paths 🙁

  10. Come to the UK and if you are really lucky and search hard you might find a dedicated cycle path -and it will be surfaced with gravel.! Why? because urban planners never ride bicycles.
    Netherlands=cycle heaven.

  11. in morning rush hour (7-9am) and later on the day (4-6pm) when everybody returns home again.

  12. the last minute of the video does show cycle lanes on the road and only one car lane for both directions, that is the part he refers to.

  13. In the video, you only see separated and/or protected paths for cycling. A driver would not be able to conveniently access the bike path.

  14. You said that there’s not much cycle traffic in the video because you took it in the weekday afternoon. When does the most cycle traffic occur on this route?

  15. cars may have had to give up one lane but, maybe not there, here and in most places the cyclists would give up safety too since drivers would ignore the bike path and take it as their second lane

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