25 Thoughts to “Cycling tips Vlog: Gloworm X2 unboxing.

  1. I was living on the dole and still running nite flux lights lol!

    Its not about more $, its about a shift in priorities. From a monetary angle though being car free has saved me literally over 150k USD as at age 35 Ive never had a drivers license.

  2. Ive never had a drivers license. I got good lights and enjoy the sights and sounds from riding at night. 🙂

  3. If the roads are well lit, then you don’t need it. You just need a light to be seen. If they aren’t well lit, then this is a steal.

  4. Cool. I need a bright light so I can see the road through Griffith Park on Saturdays now that the Sun sets early.

  5. @durianriders Harley a question…. Do you advise cycling at night coz I am getting in to cycling but it is approaching winter here (Scotland BTW) and it is getting dark at like 4.30. Was thinking about getting a trainer, but what do you think Carb King?

  6. I get it… and i wish i could afford to buy it but just wondering if you had good advise for us peasants.

  7. Ive literally cycled across Australia and mostly at night in the desert listening to music/audio books etc. I called it ‘University of Human Powered Highway Expeditions..’.

  8. You don’t need a 200$ light. Just like you don’t need to be seen or see the road in front of you. 😉

  9. I bought an equivalent light back in 2002. It was 2kg and 1200USD retail..

    Now you get something for 200g and 200ish USD lol!

  10. can you do a review for an affordable light which in your opinion is just as good? I certainly wouldn’t buy a $200+ bike light. Thanks

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