23 Thoughts to “How to Teach Someone to Ride a Bicycle

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  2. Who ever taught them to teach us how to teach someone to ride a bike was a verry bad teacher….

  3. That’s a bitchin’ bike you got there. I’d bust 360’s all day on that.

  4. when i learned to ride a bike the only thing i got was a 2 wheel bike that and that was when i was 8

  5. helmet and knee pads? rofl….i’ve scrapped my knee and hands while i learnt, learnt from my mistakes. the best way..the real way! XD

  6. he’s JUST learning how to ride a bike? But he looks like he’s 14 o__o that’s embarrassing. hahaha

  7. my dad didnt even tie me to the bike (he wasnt there) but when i first moved i made some friends and they went down the hill, and so did i (i was too lazy to re attach my training wheels)

  8. Get on it and pedal. You ARE going to fall at some point. Even once you’ve learned how to ride a bike, you will still fall at some point. Nothing to it but to do it. Class dismissed.

  9. I learned riding My sister’s girls bike.My older brother “taught’ me by pushing me down the street,one I was going,he let go.
    He let me learn to steer myself,i had to learn once I got tired of crashing into the neighbors”soft” juniper bushes. Most kids had semi-permanent strawberry scabs on their knees and arms,it was part of being a kid. Nobody wore helmets back then unless they were going to football practice!

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