25 Thoughts to “How to Ride a Bike Safely on the Road

  1. The other day I saw a biker cycle directly on the lane line in mid traffic, almost crashing into every car it passed. This is why we hate bikers who bike on the street. A bike is not designed to be used on a busy street. It just isn’t. It’s not as fast as a car. I don’t know who thought up the idea that it was ok to ride in the street, but whoever it was, I would love nothing more than to punch them in the nose.

  2. …continue to do what I always do when I see a cyclist and you can continue to ride in the road. Hopefully nothing ever happens. But if it does, while you’re soaking in your own pool of blood, you can take comfort in knowing that you were a good civilian and followed the law to the end.
    This is your opportunity to have the last word. My intuition tells me the last word would be important to someone like you. So tell me again that it’s legal and I want to hog the road. Have at it champ! =)

  3. …car accidents so I wouldn’t put much faith in a helmet and elbow/knee pads. So I think people on the sidewalk should be more inconvenienced. I just care about safety more. Not all drivers are like me. A lot of them are idiots texting at the same time. It makes me nervous and I’m in a car! Why would you want to be on the road with people like that and you don’t have to be? But whatever. You’re right. You have the right to choose to put yourself in unnecessary danger or not. I’m going to…

  4. Now you’re veering off onto another topic. Never said there was anything wrong with riding a bike. I agree that it’s cheaper, good exercise, and green. But for those that drive 40 mins to work (like me) you need a car. A smart/green car would be better but a car nonetheless. And I don’t even think motorcycles should be on the road either because of safety reasons as well. I’m not trying to hog the road, I just think it’s stupid to put yourself in unnecessary danger. People get mangled in…

  5. If people want to take the risk of riding on the street, so be it. That’s why they have helmets and protective gear. My general argument has been that since riding on the street is legal, drivers should accept it as a byproduct of an ever-changing world. Bikers aren’t going anywhere, especially while gas prices increase genius, so accept it as inevitable. Driving is a privilege, walking down the sidewalk is not. Who should be inconvenienced more? Drivers or people on the sidewalk?

  6. It makes sense because some people simply can’t afford cars or gas. It makes sense because people have the right to choose a healthier and more eco-friendly mode of transportation if their location and distance from their job, store, school, etc. allows it. No one is “implanting” anything, your speech speaks for itself that you think only cars, motorcycles, or other engine-powered devices belong on the road, in which case you owning a car gives you the “right” to something bikers shouldn’t.

  7. ….I don’t know about you but I don’t blindly follow something. I like to engage my brain. When I think about it, I’d rather get hit by a bike than a car. Maybe I just value life more. And where I live it’s very common. So much so that it was on the local news as a problem and everybody (including cyclists) was complaining to the city to build bigger sidewalks…which as you know riding there is illegal. But…here’s the shocker…they didn’t care about the law and valued their safety more :O

  8. No it doesn’t make sense. I’m not saying that because I believe I own the road. I don’t know why you’re trying to implant certain ideals on me that I don’t even believe. That law doesn’t make sense now (maybe it did when it passed and in certain places). Which situation is worse? A cyclist potentially hitting a pedestrian on the sidewalk or a cyclist potentially being hit by a motor vehicle of some sort? According to the law, it’s better for risk getting hit by a car than a bike….

  9. By the way, no one is crucifying you. Don’t be so dramatic. You’re selfish because you think it doesn’t make sense for bikers to be on the road, that roads are for motorists only, and that even though it’s legal it still doesn’t “make sense.” By the way, if accidents involving bikers and cars were that common and were mostly the bikers fault then it wouldn’t be legal anymore. It’s negligence and a tendency drivers have to relax and not pay attention that causes most accidents with bikers.

  10. ……I can’t explain to you what’s wrong with that because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with slowing down significantly, waiting until the next lane is clear, and going around them safely. That’s what everyone should do and that’s the point. All of this started from people like you whining about how much of an inconvenience it is and stating that bikers should be on the sidewalk…as if the road BELONGS to the motorist. It’s LEGAL for a reason and in this case…trust me, it makes sense.

  11. Just because it’s LEGAL doesn’t mean it makes sense. I don’t understand why I have to be crucified for having emotions like a human being. Just because I get annoyed by a cyclist riding in the road isn’t end of the world. It’d be an issue if I said f*ck it and just ran them over. Instead I get annoyed, slow down significantly, and wait until the next lane is clear to get over and go around them safely. Please explain to me what’s wrong with that and how those actions are selfish.

  12. 🙂 Wait for it…yeah…wait, no. No, what you just said doesn’t make sense and I have no idea what you’re talking about. It took you several hours to make a lame attempt at covering your original ignorant statement only to be upstaged again to which you replied “whatever dude.” Happy trails moron. Keep it under 127 mph will ya?

  13. Thank you. “It’s different from a slow driver because the cyclist is in a lot more danger than someone enclosed in a motor vehicle.” This is what people don’t seem to be grasping very well. You getting annoyed by having to go around the occasional biker is insignificant when it comes to potentially injuring or killing someone doing something LEGAL. You don’t own the road, you have to share it like the rest of us. Look past your own selfishness.

  14. whatever dude. have fun riding your bike in the street. i’m sure that protective bubble around your head won’t burst anytime soon.

  15. As for your statement about “putting yourself in harm’s way” and it being “pretty much your own fault if anything bad happens” I would have to laugh and disagree. When it comes to total negligence on the part of the driver and hitting a biker who is legally and courteously riding their bike on a road, regardless of how busy it is, the fault lies with the driver…end of story. If it’s LEGAL to ride, drivers need to get over it and put someone’s safety above their selfishness or “busy” schedule

  16. Oh yeah, the guy whose first reaction was to repeatedly use “fucking” and the word “retard” in the same statement. Now that he’s calmed down a bit maybe we can have a less mind-numbing conversation. Obviously every situation involving a collision is circumstantial when deciding who was at fault and who suffers the consequences. Never did I say that bikers are allowed to ride recklessly and get away with it. I was just assuming, given your tone, you wanted to run down every biker you saw.

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  18. There are plenty of things that are dangerous and wreckless, but not illegal to do. Riding a bike in a busy street is unfortunately one of them. If you choose to put yourself in harm’s way it’s pretty much your own fault if anything bad happens. Most big cities have some sort of bike trails paved for cyclists. It may not be as glamorous as riding your bike down a busy 6 lane hi-way or service road but it is a lot safer.

  19. First of all, if you choose to ride a bicycle in a busy street you are not a pedestrian. The old addage “the pedestrian has the right of way” will not protect you here. if you are riding your bike in an unsafe manner and you cause an accident you can be held responsible for it. Second, I know of such a case in Oklahoma where two bicyclers were killed after being run over from behind by an 18 wheeler going around a curve and he could not see them. no charges were filed against the driver.

  20. Oh ok. So instead of being careful and waiting for the next lane to open up, I should just run right over the cyclist as if they’re not there and turn them into roadkill. Gotcha…NOW it makes sense. That’s what good drivers do.

  21. I suspect that you’re a bad driver because it costs you more than a few seconds to safely pass cyclists.

  22. Stay off the road. 1) You’re going to get hit by a negligent driver. 2) There’s a posted speed limit. You have no right to hinder traffic. It’s rude as hell.

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