Cycling tips for Climbing hills – ” Lance Armstrong mentality ” + Power meter training?

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23 Thoughts to “Cycling tips for Climbing hills – ” Lance Armstrong mentality ” + Power meter training?

  1. Perhaps the energy expenditure and power out put can be calculated with some simple physics formula. Good approximation to save some bucks on powermetre

  2. puto drogado casi se carga a un etarra cuando se le va el pie del pedal, al final las drogas le hicieron volar

  3. HHHEEYYY WHATTA FFUCK YOU WANT, YA FUCKING FUCKER?!?!? COS IF YOU WANNA FUCK WITH ME WELL I’M GONNA FUCK YOU UP!!! Cycling is the best sport, u cannot even imagine how hard it is.

  4. Question. Why would I need a power meter for subjective results instead of using my timing? Is there an advantage by using wattage over timing? Thanks.

  5. lol these guy looks like he didn’t get food for few weeks and he is calling himself vegan lol but there is some problem with his hair – seriously you need good nutrition when & after biking

  6. you gotta have some muscle dude cx for the most part these guys loose all this weight for races then during the race they are in risk of loosing too much… i guess its just to keep a healthy weight… also meat in small quantities is great, escpecially if you are in CAT 3-5 crits are fast and you need shittons of muscle for them, almost no climbs… Im no vegan but im no carnivore and im happy… i got great wattages and avgs… its a balance

  7. I think veganism represents a dogmatic ideology. It lacks the sound principles of moderation and balance. While I think Americans eat too much meat, veganism just seems like an extreme counter-ideology that is ill-suited to most of the population, especially endurance athletes.

  8. Food poisoning from vegetables is not uncommon. In fact, pathogenic E. Coli, Norovirus, and Salmonella commonly use spniach, lettuce, sprouts, and other foods as vectors, causing outbreaks in affected areas. In fact, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have observed a significant increase in food-related diseases due to increased consumption of leafy vegetables.

  9. Veganism is a poor idea for an endurance race like the Tour de France. It would require wasting too much time excessively focusing on maintaining proper nutrients. Lack of iron dramatically hinders performance in endurance events. Meat contains a type of iron that is far more bioavailable (absorbed at much higher levels) than iron found in vegetables. While this might not concern a sedentary person, it is highly relevant to an elite athlete, where oxygen transport is key performance.

  10. only watched a couple of ur videos,dont like ya,ya know very little about what ur talking about,curse waaaaayyyyy to much,push on ur VEGAN SHIT diet…get over urself and ur fuckin power meter….lance didnt break his chainstay his foot came out of his pedal,jesus

  11. You are a very obnoxious person. I think that if you really believe in your own “teachings” and doings then you wouldn’t feel the need to bash and put down other people who are doing their own hard work. You choose to be a Vegan just like The Hodge Twins choose to do what they are doing in their time. You came on YouTube to share what YOU DO. Not what others do, So keep it that way.

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