24 Thoughts to “CYCLING TIPS VLOG: Whats the best bike for you?

  1. Looks like good entry level but there are definitely better deals out there if you are willing to hunt

  2. great video. Im a relatively “newbie” biker, although been cycling all my adult life I recently decided to “go for it”. I went for a flat bar Merida Cross “hybrid” bike. The main reason I went for this was durability and to improve my fitness. Road bikes were an option, but they seem very limited…slightest bit of bad weather, shit road surface etc….they are in the shed.

    Thanks for the information though…great video

  3. Thanks so much for your advice and info champ! Really appreciate it. You obviously know your stuff.

  4. PLEASE HELP****, great advice by the way, im new to road bikes and thinking of getting a claude butler milano 2012.. what is this like, any help from anyone would be great 🙂

  5. Cheers mate. I’ve been looking for a site/video like yours finally a sensible dude without the bull$h(t. Stay safe.

  6. oh yea. thats true, it isnt something produced to last for a long period of time, and its high in its cost. but i really believe carbon improves to an extend the quality and the experience of a ride regardless the maturity of a rider. still, i fully agree with you.

  7. Interesting vid! I’m with you 100% that bike fit is key. When it comes down to it, everything is true about carbon and not really needing it etc. I’ve had a Specialized Allez for about 1.5 years and it was my first road bike – upgraded everything in the process. Roads it a lot and loved it completely. In June I got a carbon bike – Canyon CF. It is without doubt stiffer and more direct and ride firmer but less harsh. While I am not in love, it has its benifits and is not the root of all evil!

  8. Harley,
    Could you do a video in the future on bike maintenance for beginners? Thanks I enjoy your videos they are informative and entertaining.

  9. Carbon is good don’t get me wrong but its not as good as alloy parts for durability, recycling, longevity.

  10. If your hair is on fire GET A ROAD BIKE
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    If your being chased by an elephant GET A ROAD BIKE
    If you live in the sea GET A MOUNTAIN BIKE unless you live in the indian ocean GET A ROAD BIKE, otherwise GET A MOUNTAIN BIKE.
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