25 Thoughts to “CYCLING TIPS FOR WEIGHT LOSS: How to breathe to burn more fat?

  1. 56 year old beginner and glad I stumbled onto your stuff. You cut through the bullshit and speak plain Aussie. I was amazed at the belly breathing during climbs. So much to learn but I love it when your teaching. I am trying to build up fitness levels and eat some real food.

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  3. So dude…. By the way I love you brother, I think you food dude, here my question I ate and drink a lots of energy Bars whether is gel or a Bars and I drinking. Lots of those energy dink also, but i I notice I don’t dropped my waiight. For 3 months And I rode my bike almost 5 to 6 times a week from 40 to 60 mole/ ride cam

  4. the membrane between your chest cavity and abdominal cavity called diaphragm is partially responsable for the expansion and contraction of your lungs. Muscles between your ribs also does the same job. They work togather in your normal breathing. When climbing you wanna spend less energy on moving the rib muscles by utilizing your six packs( or fat guts) to power your diaphragm to expand or contract your lungs. Six packs are more powerful than your rib muscles right? Use them!

  5. I always fuck the pace up when I breathe with guts. Like changing to sucking the belly in while breathing in air…… Doesn’t make a fucking sense when I realize that happens. Gotta practice more

  6. how can you bretah from the gut lungs are in the chest.
    are you talking about relaxing the stomach muscles?

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  8. Do you wear cycling shorts with padding? I notice in your videos you’re wearing regular shorts most of the time, while you seem to just came back from riding (wearing other bike clothes).
    Do you wear different clothes for training rides and commuting rides?

    Today I found myself just wearing my cycling shorts under my regular shorts while riding around town.

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  10. I think in the future all vehicles are gonna have spheres instead of wheels for better traction and handling but for now, no one has figured out a way to attach them to the vehicle. Maybe magnetically?

  11. When you’re sprinting or climbing fast, focus on exhaling quickly. Don’t worry about inhaling, that comes naturally. Also, stomach in when you exhale, stomach out when you inhale, just like Tai Chi.

  12. you spent over 3 minutes telling us to have a fat gut but you dont explain how it works?

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