3 Thoughts to “Cycling in Norfolk. Norwich by bike! Traffic free cycle routes???

  1. In Canada (and I believe the USA) those are called “sharrows”

    They don’t do much except ‘remind’ motorists that cyclists can use the road and that they should share it.

    If parking is allowed on that road, it explains why they are further away from the curb also.

  2. It was a waste of time believe me!

    The cars were tyring harder than ever to get past after they did this!

    It was as though the drivers thought they should not be on the road, and so they were all in more of a hurry than ever to get off it!

    The A47 to Great Yarmouth feels safer to ride on now!

  3. It’s not a cycle lane, those symbols are there to tell the motorist to expect cyclists and be careful around them. It gives them less the impression that they own the road.

    It does work.

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