Memorable Eneco Tour

Eneco Tour is memorable for Alessandro Petacchi. This tour has witnessed his return after the retirement news. There are many fans of this two-wheeler action and Petacchi has done all this for his fans only. He started his professional cycling career in 1996 and holds the credit of winning 48 grand tour stages. After Paris-Roubaix, he has not participated in any race of cycling and this Eneco tour has witnessed his comeback after retirement. Though people were nervous for his participation yet he has shown self confidence and did it well. He was very excited for this race as he already been for other championships.

He has said that every cycling game is like a first day at school for him which maintains the thrill in him. For this race he was feeling good too. He has participated in this tour to show that he is still able to fight with his competitors. His first day of tour was awesome as he explained in an interview. However, he has regrets of losing the game but he is not disappointed. He will come back with better preparation next time. Even during this tournament he was among the top 10 cyclists of the contest.

However, he wants to achieve more and moving ahead on the same path of winning. He admits that now its not a big deal what position he holds in a championship. He just enjoys racing with the cyclists. This is the spirit of participating in a game. One should enjoy it. He is really hopeful to move ahead with the same team because he finds it extraordinary. He is feeling privileged to be a part of this team. He was also welcomed with great advice and tips which he found useful for the game. It didn’t take much time for him to be part of this team.

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