1. these are some good tips, but when it comes to eating on the bike it varies from each person, also having a “numb banana” is a saddle issue and possible fit issue. any saddle with a relief area cutout will solve that.

  2. @durianriders come on man she wa asking for some help about how to get on not that it will help with sexy legs. big fan just wish that you would make more actual biking vids

  3. You’re such a hypocrite harley, never buy a carbon bike was the message in your earlier video, that is clearly a trek carbon bike it the background

  4. If you want sexier legs then get used to riding bikes with a high aka normal seat height. 🙂

  5. @ isabelrivera96 i had the same problem as you for the first little bit. what i did to get used to it was to either lean the bike over a bit and then swing your leg over. after a while you just get used to it and it becomes natural.

  6. I have a very important question. I am beginning…no further than that in cycling and I wanted to purchase a road bike. I was originally riding my mothers bike but found out it was too small. I am looking at several bikes and the bike shop told me the saddle needed to be at my hip. With it that high I cannot get on. I have seen cyclist ride bikes with the saddles high but how can I get on the bike. Can you do a quick video on how you get on yours? Thank You

  7. I stopped wearing helmets about 5 years ago. They became more dangerous than not wearing one. As a highly trained professional bike racer, I sweat heavy, especially in my 100 degree plus riding environment. There just isn’t a sweat control product made that can keep my glasses and eyes clear under a helmet. After almost crashing dozens of times with sweat in my eyes I have opted out of helmets. Besides if any sport is so dangerous I need to wear a helmet, I won’t get involved.

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