Cavendish Is Very Excited

Mark Cavendish is all set to start the season of 2014 with a bang and hopes to be in the leader’s jersey in the Tour de France which will be starting in July at Yorkshire. Cavendish is super excited about this year because it will be his home town and with the kind of support he normally gets it would be really a plus point for him.

This is the second time that he will be in front of his home crowd. Last time it was in United Kingdom in the year 2007. At that time cycling was not that popular as it is now and the number of people who watched cycling at that time was also quite less. Naturally with the support of the crowd Cavendish will be looking to make this year his most successful year ahead. The first stage of the Tour de France will end in Harrogate, the home town of Cavendish’s mother. From childhood Cavendish always had the dream of cycling in front of his home crowd and to get that opportunity twice in a career is something that is really rare.

Mark Cavendish will be backed by Mark Renshaw and this is a very big news both for Cavendish and also for the whole team. When asked about Renshaw, Cavendish said that Renshaw is a great friend of his and he is delighted to get him back. He is also one of the most gifted people that anyone will ever get in the field of cycling. Patrick Lefevre, the manager of the team said that he is really hopeful this year and thinks that the pair will be good enough for all the other teams and they will emerge victorious at the end of the year.

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