Still No Contract for Horner for Next Year

The racing season of Chris Horner, American veteran rider as well as member of Lampre-Merida came to an end on Sunday at the finale of World Tour, Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal. He has not signed any contract for the upcoming year. Horner told the Cyclingnews that nothing has been done for 2015. He has not signed anything. He further added that it is stressful if you do not have anything lined up at his age.

By winning at Vuelta a Espana, the 2013 season ended with a good note for Horner. But, the 42-year old racer had a very stormy 2014 which started with a serious accident in April which occurred during his training in Italy. He was hospitalized for many weeks and took a long time to recover. It was followed by bronchitis and tendonitis. These situations can raise question to any racer’s return to the main circuit again. But, he never lost his confidence and believed that he can race for at least a couple of more seasons at the optimum level.

He said that he wishes to race for one year or if possible two seasons. It is his firm belief that his age is the main reason he does not have a contract now for 2015. It has nothing to do with his capabilities. Horner said that it is very obvious that no team would like to go for an older racer. He has passed the expiry date of a racer and has been in the circuit for extra six or seven years. He further added that for him age is never a factor but for others it is. This is the main reason that only a few teams are willing to sign him up in spite of being a Grand Tour Winner.

When he was asked if Lampre-Merida does not renew the contract, which teams will be interested to sign him, he gave a diplomatic answer. He said that it is the job of his agent to know all this and he tries not to fret over them.