24 Thoughts to “Triathlon Training : How to Ride a Road Bicycle

  1. I’m from the uk so you are telling me to ride towards on coming traffic? Are you trying to kill me baldy

  2. How Boring this guy is so obvious. I am waiting for him to say the best way to move a bike is to pedal!!

  3. This guy is fucking stupid. If you can’t ride your bike, why the fuck would you think about doing triathlon?

  4. “However, most in time there’s gonna be some automobile traffic on those roads.” No shit!?

  5. If you can’t look to the sides or behind you without crashing… just, just don’t even try.

  6. right meant correct… So even what country you’re at you ride on the right (correct) side of the road.

  7. I know that as a driver and a cyclist, when a cyclist gives a hand signal it can really be appreciated.

  8. So let me get this straight. I’m supposed to stop, start, slow down, turn, look to the sides, and maybe even the back WITHOUT chrashing?

  9. Ok really if you dont know what side of the road to ride on without this fool telling you then shouldnt be on the road at all.

  10. Like you then!!! and why the question mark. Who put’s a question mark after something that is not even a question? who DOES THAT?

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