16 Thoughts to “Never Get Dropped! 5 Climbing Tips

  1. You can get lycra shorts cover 9 inches of you legs. They are just slightly longer than your undies. If you think that’s still too long, wear undies only! and good luck

  2. #1 rule don’t be fat, climbers are thin guys, Power to weight ratio is main factor your speed against hills

  3. how about climbing with single speed? haha no gears to change 😛 …..I’m guessing all ya can do is blow out more air and the rest is,”it is what it is” ha.

  4. I find that bringing on a big yawn is a great way to expel fully the CO2 from the lungs, as that is in fact exactly what a yawn is, the body and diaphragm ridding the lungs of built up CO2.

  5. I always look forward to these videos =) But the real question is… why are cycling shorts so long? Really interesting concepts here thanks!

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