Idaho Opens New Fun Trail For Mountain Bikers

Much to the delight of mountain bikers at Idaho, a new fun trail has opened around recently to ensure a pleasant riding amidst a wonderfully picturesque backdrop. Located at Bogus, the new trail is called “Around The Mountain”.

ATM, as it is popularly known as, the new mountain biking trail was finished last fall & only a handful of bikers had the opportunity to experience it before winter struck. But now, the trail is all-ready for every willing mountain biker.

ATM is surely one among the most beautifully structured trails featuring quite an edgy trail design. It’s a blend of conventional trail where narrow tread sharply scratched into dirt & modern theme displaying  sharp gentle curves.

Besides, there are rock & wooden bridges to add a better dimension to the scenic trail. With a trail length is around 9-12 miles & ATM can be said to a nice intermediate trail. However, it won’t demand huge technical skills as such.

The new Idaho trail commences with quite a steep climb towards Deer-Point trail, close to Deer-Point lift before Simplot Lodge. The biker would have to ride around a mile till the intersection with ATM. The trailhead close to Simplot Lodge bore the name “ATM” signifying the new trail.

The 1st half of the trail features steepest of ascents & descents & the descent covers nicest bermed edges one could get on any of the local trails here. The 2nd half feels is more of climbing rather than descending – it’s basically some shorter climbs & descents till one wind round to front part of Bogus & take final climb till Pioneer Lodge.

According to mountain biking experts, the new Idaho trail is sure to make mark as a marquee trail on Bogus Basin.