24 Thoughts to “How To Ride a Bike

  1. @morikahjo no you dont have to. you stand up when you are getting good at ot. it helps you see a little further and releive any pain in your buttock. guys can ride sitting down.

  2. But, aren’t you supposed to sort of stand as you ride the bike? This is how I’ve seen it in movies. Or is that just a rule for boys?

  3. Fuck this! Step 1: Get on the bike with one leg on the pedal and one on the ground. Step 2: Get a little push by your leg that is on the ground. Step 3: start pedaling so you will maintain balance. Tip: The faster you go the easier it is to maintain the balance.

  4. howcast is just trying to help people who cant ride a bike, if you know how to do this then why watch this and leave mean comments?

  5. My dad pushed me down a hill, thought I was gonna die, pannicked and started peddling. Became a master in 0 – 10 seconds.

  6. If your like 13 and up this video is not worth it, but if little 7 year olds are watching this it could be useful

  7. Most of the time, people have a strong grip on the handles and IT REALLY HURTS when you let go of them..

  8. im 19 and im just learning how to ride a bike by myself. its kind of embarrassing to have someone there to help you out, but if it helps then i guess ill do it.

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