25 Thoughts to “Cycling Tips Vlog: How to clean your helmet?

  1. I find that after cycling to and from work a lot, my helmet absolutely stinks and needs to be cleaned vigorously… oh wait did I actually just say that?

    Seriously though… cool vid.

  2. HaHaHa polish your helmet…you crack me up dude and Freelee is a great sport….cant wait for the next adventure…

  3. Tyre levers.
    spare tube
    mini pump (to ideally fit either french or car valve).
    patches + glue.
    piece of old tyre that can be used to ‘boot’ a cut tyre.
    10$ incase you run out of glycogen and need to buy some carbs.

  4. 1:00 Freelee does a good job of “polishing my helmet”, lol. Hey when she’s done can she come polish mine?

  5. Hey Durianrider, what should every bike rider keep with them? I saw you change a inner tube before on a vid and wondered what all you keep with you on rides.

  6. All them nourishing plant foods, lots of water, sufficient physical activity, early nights, fun in the sun and living on purpose fo sure. 🙂

  7. 😀 yeah it’s great not having to worry about flu vaccines and getting doped up on antibiotics and other junk doctors are trained to prescribe…prevention is key and should be common knowledge.

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