21 Thoughts to “Cycling tips: How to snap a rib bone.

  1. question if you can answer..will riding with weight in my backpack increase my endurance speed when i ride without the weight or am i just putting strain on my back? I ride about 15-20 miles with 10-14lbs on my back. I feel great after and have no back issues at all. Just not sure if it is healthy to be riding with weight in your backpack. I am trying to build endurance to do longer rides 60+ and not really sure if the weight will be an issue for me in the long run. cheers man thanks.

  2. the exact same thing happened to me 1½ month ago in a race because the idiot in front of me started eating gel in the middle of our group at 50 km/h, and panicked because he couldn’t control the bike with one hand.

  3. My comment, I would like to see you take that fall or 3 of them or one punch with a boing glove to the ribcage.

    A comment fromMrDavidtwyman. Was i talking about me? no. Did i ask you to comment? no. My answer to that. No you did not ask me to comment, because People on here are free to commet if they want, & this box I’m typing in now is a video response comment box. Did I say that was talking about you? no… I was commenting about most people who took that fall would snap a ribcage

  4. I would like to see you take that fall or 3 of them or one punch with a boing glove to the ribcage.

  5. that scenario and others like it break ribs and collar bones all day long, you must not have knowlage or experience

  6. a real man would have bent the handle bars with his teeth before setting out on the journey and if they still poked him in the ribs when he fell he’d have absorbed it like a tree wrapped in a mattress wrapped in a blanket. I wash my armpits in steel wool three times a day, but I hate having to chop down hairs to get into the corners.

  7. 1.5 yrs ago I rode into a stop sign & broke 3 ribs… talk about pain… had to sleep sitting up for 3 nights… was back riding on the 5th day because it was much easier to breathe hunched over the handle bars than standing or sitting… any change in riding position was very painful, but it felt so good to be back in the saddle 😉

  8. Nah no road race in the world would allow aero bars, looks like a chopper bunch of triathletes

  9. Ricky can we hug this out? Sorry Harley for all this spam like shit on your comment section just trolling the troll. Free Hugs

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