Wiggins Set To Rewrite The History Books

The sport of cycling is all set to host the two major events. First comes the famous Giro and a few days later the world renowned Tour de France. There are a very few number of cyclist who have achieved winning both the grand tours in a single year.

This history was last achieved by Marco Pantani in the year 1998. As the current season reaches the start of Giro there is a high amount of speculations regarding Wiggins from team sky. He reportedly is believed to be ready to get his names written in the history books. There is a much of the hype created by every experts of the game. They believe that Wiggins is the man to win the double in the same season for sure. If this happens then he will be only the eight riders in the world ever to achieve this in a single year.

The double of Giro and tour de France has been achieved 12 times by 7 different riders. This was first done by Fausto Coppi in the year 1949. Wiggins himself stated that winning a single grand tour is very difficult and winning two in the same season will be a tough job to perform. He also added saying that he is taking single race at a time. At present his main aim is to win the Giro and then he will be thinking about the famous tour de France. This will surely be one of the highlight of the season. It will be one of the things to watch in the season. As speculation regarding winning both the tours at the same year rises every year but the rider falls flat down. Now it will be fun to see whether Wiggins from team Sky will be able to achieve this historical mark in his carrier or not.

Champions support British Cycling petition

Sir Chris Hoy, Laura Trott and Chris Broadman , the Olympic Champions of cycling have given their support to the British cycling petition. This petition is all about the investment of government in cycling for the roads of Britain.

According to study, around two million people cycle at least once a week in Britain. Laura Trott, two times Olympic Champion says that even if ten percent of the cycling population of Britain signs the petition, then they can assure that the government will stand up and listen.

The petition has gathered support not only from the Olympic champions but also Martin Gibbs, who is the director of Policy and Legal Affairs. The petition is inclusive of a report which has a plan. This plan makes recommendation of eighteen steps that the government of Britain needs to take to get cycling on the roads in a major way. The petition also aims that ten percent of the journeys should be made by bikes by the year 2025. This would be a fivefold increase according to the present figure.

The petition has achieved the support with 43.000 signatures till date. A few more are required to cross the mark of 100,000 signatures for supporting the Get Britain Cycling petition.

In his support Chris Boardman has written an open letter to the cyclists, members and other interested people and parties that there is also an e-petition for signing the petition online. The government will consider a debate in parliament regarding this issue once the petition reaches the required number of signatures.

British Cycling has also produced a video in support of the petition featuring the three main Olympic winner supporters. Cycling has great potential when it comes to the transformation of the cities, towns, and villages of Britain It will make the environment more friendly and healthy to live in for everyone.

Van Velthooven Bags The Silver Medal

Olympic Medalist from New Zealand, Simon Van Velthooven fought hard to win the silver medal at the Track Cycling World Championship being held in Belarus. He was competing in the Kilo time trial and had focused his attention to Kilo instead of Keirin because according to him, both complement each other.

Last year, in the World Championships held in Melbourne, he had won the bronze medal in the Kilo time trial event. But this time he got the silver which just shows that he had worked hard for the kilo event. As Van Velthooven was ranked as a top cyclist, he was the last to race in the Kilo, after Francois Pervis from France had set forward a blazing time record that Simon had to beat. The time record set by Francois Pervis was the fastest sea level record of the world.

Simon was not able to overtake the record set by Francois Pervis and so won a silver medal. Van Velthooven was seen following the footsteps of Harry Kent, the New Zealander who came second in the Kilo event of the World Championships and won the first medal ever for New Zealand in 1970.

Van Velthooven knew he had the capability to beat the sensational time set by Pervis but unfortunately he couldn’t beat it this time. Eddie Dawkins, another New Zealander participating in the event got the eighth position. Joachim Eilers from Germany won the bronze medal in the kilo event.

The twenty four year old New Zealander, Van Velthooven is very hopeful for the future and thinks there are plenty of chances for him to get hold of the world title. He believes that kilo should be a part of the Olympic events as well. He always loves taking part in the kilo events and he is also looking forward to the other events of the World Championships.

Mountain Biking Gets A New Home

Southeast’s first downhill bike park is going to be set up soon and it’s going to be named as the Big Creek Mountain Bike Park. It is going to be created in the Smokey Mountains which are situated in the eastern side of Tennessee. It’s going to be an exclusive park for free rides but only for mountain bikers. Officials say that almost every state area has their own biking parks and it’s about time Southeast had one too.

The Big Creek Mountain Bike Park will only be about an hour away from the main city of Knoxville, Tennessee and it will be an exclusive park for all gravity mountain bikers.

The Big Creek Mountain Bike Park will have a number of attractions for all biking lovers including skinnies, practice drops, pump tracks, low bridges, small rock gardens and many more. The officials stated that they are focusing upon bringing new bikers into the field of

Big Creek Mountain Bike Park makers said that till date, Southeast doesn’t have any kind of grounds available for mountain bikers so this park will mainly focus on creating good trails for beginners and experts to feel at home to practice and hold matches and have a great time with mountain biking.

They also said that they chose this spot as it’s away from the noise and hustle of the city and it’s in the wilderness and the trails which are going to be made here will be perfect for all biking enthusiasts. They also said that this park will be created in such a way that it will be apt for bikers of all ages. Even youngsters can develop their skills, practice and enjoy themselves here.

The Big Creek Mountain Bike Park officials have set up their own pages in social media sites and are open for support and donations to build Southeast’s first mountain biking park.